You feel pain,you feel sorrow,you feel joy,you feel low,you feel high and then there comes a point when you can’t differentiate if it’s all yours or given by others. Slowly with time you realise that you were never alone in crowd,you were always on the opposite side. Oh!! and No,that does not makes you feel any precious or unique, that just makes more you pathetic and miserable.

You make wall,brick by brick everyday. You make it big so no one can leap,You make it strong so no one can break. But soon,it gets cold on your side,it becomes blue to grey and grey to dark. You can hear their laughter and all those whispers,so you seek some warmth and long for some colors. You whimper in pain and cry in agony, But that’s not their fault,the wall was yours.

You scratch the big strong wall,until your nails get sore and fingers bleed,but if you really want to break it, It needs to be pushed not scratched.

maybe until now,you will realise that this wall can’t be broken and no matter how much you resent it, the wall belongs to you.

And one day when you will get tired and have nothing to rely on,you can sleep in peace by leaning on your wall with those laughters and whispers fading far away.


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