Live and Let live

So the other day a friend of mine wanted to have a discussion whether gay people are real or they just fake it to seek attention. As an active supporter of the LGBTQ rights I wasn’t comfortable in having such insensitive discussion. Initially as we were talking I thought maybe she wanted to learn more about the people but as the discussion was proceeding it was clear that it was more of an attempt to convince me that being L/G/B/T/Q is more related to ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). The discussion started with Angelina Jolie’s sexuality, then it went on to Miley Cyrus and then she said and as I quote “We are hyping it too much and maybe that’s why people are confused about their sexuality, I have read an article about gays and it was clearly stated that there are no genetic reasons for it. So,maybe when these like someone from same gender they get confused and think, they are sexually attracted to them and sometimes some of them just do it to gain some attention.”

I had a lot to say to her but again my inability to argue took over me,I had words in my head but as usual I was tongue tied. Honestly I don’t know much either but for me it’s just impossible to question somebody’s existence.

One thing that I m sure about is people are not getting confused because we are hyping it people are coming out because we are trying to normalise it, it’s not some new age agenda instead (if I m not wrong) first pride month took place in 1970 maybe you belong to mediveal times and it’s not just gays who represent the LGBTQ community there are people who are lesbians,Bisexuals, transgenders,queers,Intersex, Asexuals that are it’s part too. Sexuality is not just Black and White it’s a rainbow of colors.

And yess!! we are discussing this a lot these days and we are discussing it because it’s been only 4-5 years since it is legal in India and if you think we are hyping it then it needs to be hyped.

And it’s true that, we all are learning and knowing more about the gender spectrum but wouldn’t it be nice to become more sensitive while discussing this topic. After all we are talking about human beings.

And No!!! Nobody is faking it to gain attention, because we live in such a diabolical society of bigots where coming out of Closet is not just difficult but leads to abandonment and embarassment so if somebody is coming out its not because of their ADHD or confusion about sexuality its beacuse of their courage, its beacuse they are accepting themselves and are responsible to society. No body likes to go through painful and let me make you clear sometimes life threatening sex reassignment surgeries to impress you.So rather than being cynical try being kind and help them in the process.

And atlast, even if somebody is confused what does it have to do with you. I mean even If a girl is in love with a girl or a boy in love with a boy how does it effects you in anyway and what is wrong in loving someone??

All can say to you is Live and let live.

We -2

Winters are almost over here and spring is at the doorstep. Beautiful flowers red,yellow,violet and pink are scattered on every inch of green and you know spring is called as season of love,it’s strange that how, even after all these years the word “Love” reminds me of you….my first love.

I still remember, the time we first met. My bicycle got a flat tyre on my way back to home from school so I had to walk it down on the road.“Want some water??”it was you from behind,the first time I saw you A tired but beautiful face with sweat on forehead. “No!! I am fine, I think you need it more” I said.I didn’t even realise, when you came down of your bicycle to walk beside me and just like that we started walking together.

It won’t be wrong if I call, “us” being together as series of “just like thats”. Just like that one day we held each others’ hands,just like that we started falling for each other,just like that one day you said you want to kiss my lips and I got flustered. Often when I remember those days I always wonder, how something like love can be so simple and yet it gets complicated with time.

If you were here you would have loved to see the bees,that were once waiting for sweet Petunias to bloom now dancing and humming with joy. While standing on terrace once you asked me,how do I feel with you?? At that time it was so sudden that I couldn’t express myself properly and I know that somewhere,it might have disappointed you. But now,If you could ever read this I want to you know that- Every time I looked into those dark eyes of yours I felt like these bees, dancing and humming with joy for their Petunias.

I clearly remember the day I got into the fight with that boy who catcalled a girl from my class because she broke up with him and he called me a slut for speaking up. You know when they say something like this to me,I pretend as if it didn’t bother me at all,I try to hide it deep inside my heart even when it keeps echoing in my head all the time,I try to stand firm on my ground even when my legs are trembling with angst and pain and even when I am shook to core,I keep put with it. It wouldn’t come out as a surprise to you that in all these years I have become an expert in faking almost every emotion, whether it’s pain or it’s a joy.

I didn’t tell you about it for days but when could I hide anything from you?? And the day when you finally asked me,“Are you hurt??” I couldn’t held myself back and I bawled like crazy, sometimes it feels strange that how even your gentle nudge could shuffle or reshuffle all the emotions within me. I can never forget that moment when you held me tight to your chest,put your hand on my head and said,“You know, you don’t have to be strong all the time,it’s Ok if sometimes you are weak, vulnerable and hurt,Just lean on me and I will always hold you like this.” Once again just like that with a gentle nudge, I fell in love with you all over again and I kissed those soft,warm lips of yours.

It’s been years that I haven’t seen a spring as beautiful as this,and even our hearts may get cold and damp with time,but there is a saying here,“As season changes the cold of Winters disappears”, sometimes it gets really cold in here I wish for this winter to disappear too.

As I am walking down these hills,I can see a couple walking ahead of me with their fingers interlocked,they seem to be in love. Sometimes while walking they look into each others’ eyes and then burst into giggles. I wonder what they want to show each other from their eyes.What it could be?? to which they can’t hold their joy. It could be their version of life that they have imagined with each other or it could be a simple promise of a kiss or hug or who knows,maybe it’s a commitment for lifetime….but whatever it is I wish it comes true for them.

As I m looking them all I can think is,how Love is always so beautiful and how sometimes life can get ugly and I hope if it ever gets ugly for them they could just interlock their fingers,look into each others’ eyes and burst into giggles like they are doing now.


You feel pain,you feel sorrow,you feel joy,you feel low,you feel high and then there comes a point when you can’t differentiate if it’s all yours or given by others. Slowly with time you realise that you were never alone in crowd,you were always on the opposite side. Oh!! and No,that does not makes you feel any precious or unique, that just makes more you pathetic and miserable.

You make wall,brick by brick everyday. You make it big so no one can leap,You make it strong so no one can break. But soon,it gets cold on your side,it becomes blue to grey and grey to dark. You can hear their laughter and all those whispers,so you seek some warmth and long for some colors. You whimper in pain and cry in agony, But that’s not their fault,the wall was yours.

You scratch the big strong wall,until your nails get sore and fingers bleed,but if you really want to break it, It needs to be pushed not scratched.

And maybe until now,you will know that this wall can’t be broken and no matter how much you resent it, the wall will always be yours.

And one day when you will get tired and have nothing to rely on,you can sleep in peace by leaning on your wall with those laughters and whispers fading far away.


Walking through these bushy roads covered with golden pine needles,I remember the time when I used to wait for you at bicycle shed to go home with you.Those lanes were also bushy though not as green as these but greener than anywhere you can find in a city. Even though I never said it but I used to long for school to close, that half an hour ride used to be the best part of my whole 24 hours day, I used to tell you everything from blossoming love affairs in class to super boring social science lecture and when I look into those old days I can’t believe how easily I let myself trust you with everything and after you left I realised how difficult it is for me to open up infront of others. I still remember how i hated the rains because what it meant was we can’t go together on our bicycles.

How much I hated it in school bus,I never liked being in crowd,once you asked me why do I complain about it so much??? and I told u “because there are people and I hate most of them,they are the worst.” and you laughed so hard and asked me “am I not people??” I didn’t reply cause all I could see was how beautiful you looked while laughing, and no you were not people you were mine.

How you tried to explore new routes on our way from school to home though you never found one,but god !!you were obsessed about that and then some years later when you smirked at me and told me that you never actually wanted to found one and honestly there wasn’t much to explore,it was just to spend some more time with me.I sulked at you and slapped you on the arm but deep down my heart was filled with warmth and love. I wasn’t angry but was shocked at your bluntness. I felt the tickles of joy in my stomach and at the same time I felt a painful sting in my body, I was scared to loose you.

You would have loved it here,there is so much to explore that you couldn’t do there,and we wouldn’t have to worry about rain here, we can still stand together under bottle brush tree as long as we want with no people around because people are the worst.

What I loved about you is you were so clear about what you wanted,you were always so sure that you loved me.On the other hand I was always me,and who knows better than you that I can ruin things simply by being me.

I still remember the day Pie died, it was runt in the litter of pups. You took care of it,you nurtured it as your always had this soft place in your heart for troubled and miserable and maybe that’s why you loved me.You were sad that day,you held my hand tightly and said don’t worry he is in Safe Heaven, as if you were reassuring yourself. I asked you what is Safe Heaven,and you said a place where you feel most safe and happy, a place to where every good soul belongs.

I didn’t care if I was good or bad but with you I felt belonged….With you I felt safe,I felt happy and I felt love,that day I knew you were my Safe Heaven.

The scent of pine is mixed in air,and one can hear a wolf howling at a distance and you know there is a thing they say about wolves. Wolves,they are like humans they mate for life and incase they get separated from their partner they sometimes howl in pain for years, and I can’t help but think,In what way they are same as us,aren’t they better???

And at this point I am just wondering if this wolf is crying in pain or if it is calling its pack to move forward.


When it gets cold in there,

And you get nothing to care.

It might have shattered you as glass

But Whatever it is,it shall pass.

Even if you find it ugly and unfair,

Just remember there is beauty somewhere.

You will find it in,that bright sunlight passing through your window pane,

Just after a heavy rain.

And sometimes in the beautiful face, after shedding the tears in pain.

You might find it in the warm feeling of the first love.

Or in the night sky full of stars that are up above.

Sometimes as, fireflies in the dark .

And sometimes like, walking on dewy grass in the park.

But that’s beauty my dear, you can see it

You can’t hold it.

And eventhough it is fleeting, it’s worth your every greeting.


When,I look into my blogs oftentimes I feel that,I usually write what I get as an answer for my over inquisitiveness and unending curiousness .They are more like suggestions from me to myself which I feel like sharing with those going through the same phase in life.The phase of introspection, the phase where you go through never ending queries and the phase of confrontation. Once my Grandma told me that there is no hell and no heaven ,we pay for what we do here in this very lifetime and on this our very own earth and trust me if you ask me Why I am writing all this here and how any of this is related to what I want to say.

– I don’t know!!!.

I certainly don’t know if I am making any sense at all ,but we don’t have to make it all the time . Maybe what’s making sense or what’s meaningful to us is an utter nonsense for others . So I don’t find it necessary to make sense everytime. Sometimes it’s Ok to be unprepared and unplanned because one thing that I have learnt in all these six years of my adult life is that not everything goes as we wished it to go, So why not go with the flow.

But again is it actually that easy to just go clueless and unprepared for situations.Well,I am not saying to do it all the time and specially for an overthinker like me who can actually overthink about overthinking (like an inception of overthinking😁😁..I know it was lame🙄🙄 🙄), It’s a task next to impossible. You see, people like us have two other backup plans ready in case one fails and sometimes we have plans ready in our head for situations that might never happen (say as an apocalypse😏😏😏). But it’s not just overthinking that is playing it’s part in writing our sucked up fate. Along with that some of us are bit socially awkward too,which in some situations make us over- enthusiastic and overanxious in others,its like a cherry 🍒 on top.

So it won’t change much if we have planned and rehearsed the whole situation twice or even thrice in some cases,we end up being a mess and often a piece of joke for others. And it’s quite possible that even after those countless bouts of overthinking and planning we might get a thing to overthink again. And if same happens with you too then…

Give it some time maybe a few days or some weeks and for people like me it will take years, but trust me these are going to become the funniest anecdotes that you will love sharing with others and those moments of awkwardness and humiliation will become one of the cherished memories for lifetime.

During bad breaks ,they might bring you smile.Afterall this is you maybe a bit awkward, sometimes a bit anxious, sometimes an overenthusiast but at last It was you who made it through that time and you will make it again,and as I have read somewhere –

“In a long run life is not tragedy, but a comedy.”

PS: and about Overthinking, you are going to do it any way. This blog ain’t gonna help….so just sit back, take a deep breath, relax and OVERTHINK.👍👍👍👍

We will somewhere🌹🌹

We will be together, In a hope to last forever.

It will take years and all our nights.

We will go through, the same blues and lights.

Every moment will take us back there.

It’s not all easy, and we must not fear.

But it needs an end in order to begin.

So, I am ready for adieu to see you again.

Perhaps we will not know it then.

But trust me “my love”,Someday we will….

Maybe not here , but we will somewhere…..



I don’t know why it was hurting me,it wasn’t against my gender,it wasn’t against my community,it wasn’t against my religion,so it was safe assume that it was not against me in anyways….but I can feel something menancing happening where I live,I can feel that gloominess that hatred in air,because these days I am hearing such things every now and then.

Last night something strange happened while I was sleeping, this one thing got struck in my mind and then one thing led to another as if it’s a chain reaction, the more I was processing it the more it became agonizing and the pain started piercing through my heart,although creating worst case scenarios in my head and being anxious about them is not something I am new at, but this was different, different from anything I was ever concerned about.Assuredly because I consciously chose to remain ignorant about it but deep down I knew that there’s something gravely wrong about it.

I wish,I was brave enough to just wave off or condemn it publicly or at least brave enough to face my own fears. I wish I could directly ask If it’s affecting everyone the same way as it affected me or is it just an outcome of my overthinking and severely messed up brain???? I wish I could share what was bothering me.

I don’t know if it’s something worth worrying or not and if not,then why I am not able to shrug it off ???? It’s because there are people in my life whom I never want to see hurt no matter whether I hold them dearly or not,whether we are close enough or not,I never want them to be tied up with some wicked deeds of others. I always wish them to be safe and sound with their friends and family,simply because they exist.

Sometimes I wonder that it’s 21st century and we are still struggling for some most basic human things. I don’t understand how tough is it to accept one single thing that,we can’t hurt someone, because no one deserves to be violated.

No matter what gender we are, which community we belong and what religion we follow,we all deserve peace,we all deserve the assurance of safety,we all deserve love and above everything we all deserve humanity.

I am writing this here because, As I had told earlier I don’t have those guts to confront someone directly and meet the consequences.Here nobody knows me,nobody cares what I write, nobody manipulates what I feel.This is where I can be,“Me”.

A place where I am totally…… “ANONYMOUS”.