🐷NoT so PeRfecT🐷

The idea of perfection sometimes intrigues me,in some ways it makes me wonder that how everyone has a different idea of perfection,for some people perfection is successful career others find it in successful marriage,for some people perfection is in accomplishment of materialistic illusions and for others salvation is utmost perfection,for some it’s a regular simple life whereas for some others perfection is in breath taking adventures.

There are lot of contradictions in almost every approach of perfection,which makes me question that , “isn’t the idea of perfection is vague??”. No matter how much we try,for someone out there we are always imperfect and let’s not talk about others, what we do to ourselves is way too worse.We set the bar of perfection so high for ourselves,that when it becomes unattainable we indulge in self loathing.This sense of detestation becomes so prominent that we start tainting our soul.

Our desire for perfection knows no end. This thirst of perfection is so insatiable that we upload pictures on social media with captions like… perfect life , perfect wife, perfect family , perfect husband just to gain some acceptance from others. The same acceptance that we lack for ourselves,the acceptance that we lack for the truth,the truth that our perfect looking 1080*1080 pixels jpg on Instagram is not as perfect as it appears there, the truth that finally our illusion of perfection is crumbling apart and trust me nothing hurts us more than a bitter truth. 🤔🤔🤔So ,the question is, What do we do?

Shall we🤔 stop broadening our horizons ,because some of us are falling in some illusionary trap.

Or shall we🤔 stop seeking success in life?

Or …or..or 🤔maybe we can change our captions from perfect to imperfect on social media.

Well ,well and well this ain’t going to help, but maybe a simple thought before doing anything can help us. The thought that-

Life is not a race of perfection. Life is a journey. A journey of small steps where each step leads to improvement.

And as I had read somewhere that,

“Practice doesn’t make us Perfect,rather it helps to improve us” .

It improves us from what we were before and helps us to become a better version of ourselves,every time we try .

So my friends all I want to say is sometimes it’s Ok ……NOT be SO PERFECT.

I am trying, it can help you too.

P.S. The content written is not applied to everyone, it is only for some attention seeking weirdos like me .😊😊😊


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