Swinging between Past and Future

Sometimes I wonder,

Everyone has an untold story.

Everyone is fighting a battle.

A person who seems perfectly normal is carrying tons of emotional baggage

But,is this battle worth fighting??

Is this baggage worth carrying ??

We are unable to let go our past .There is this constant feeling of guilt and regret unbeknownst of the fact that,guilt and regrets are the most destructive emotions,they holds us back from a happier and better present,there is always this dissatisfied wish of going back into past and alter the reality.

We are in constant process of,ruminating over past . If it were those happy memories we wish to stay back just to relive those moments.

We as humans are incapable of appreciating the time,no matter how precious it may be.

There is so much running to and fro between past and future,that there is no time to stand still,to appreciate the present and to cherish the ordinary details of life. We often find ourselves fussing over past and worrying about future . FUTURE,that nobody knows. either we worry ourselves over those unpleasant events ,that may never happen or we are in constant process of Daydreaming , dreams where ,we are gratified by our unfulfilled desires. What we forget during this entire process is that,Life is unpredictable, nobody knows what future holds.

We spent our entire present in thinking about future,which has now become a past. We are in constant negotiation between regrets of past and delayed gratifications of future.

We can’t change our past, We can’t see our future, but still we are sacrificing our joys of present and squandering the precious seconds of our lives by worrying about future and ruminating over past.

We are not undertaking our thoughts rather,our thoughts are controlling us.

Let’s not mourn over past, because it’s gone too long. Let’s not worry about future, because it’s an unsolved mystery. Let our soul embrace , the beauty of present. because,it’s all we have

Sometimes,I ask myself a question

Am I going to,Let it go???or Am I going to,live it up???

and the choice has to be made now.


P.S. – The above written content is not applied to everyone, it is only for some overthinker weirdos like me.


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