Let’s Go Rainbow

Yesterday,the capital of India New Delhi celebrated its first Queer march post COVID.

New Delhi the heart of India, sometimes so vicious to intoxicate the whole country, sometimes the root cause of every change in the country, sometimes as monotonous as life in Delhi Metro and sometimes boiling hot pot as JNU, but nobody can deny that whatever happens in Delhi always becomes a topic of discussion of every household in the country.

This time it was pride March, The Heading of every news paper. People from all the communities LGBTQI and those who support them came on streets. Celebrating equality and love in many words, expressions, emotions and Rainbow colors.

But sometimes I wonder why some rules of colonial era are still governing the joys and sexual preferences of people in free India. In this world full of humans and dominated by humans why some of us are still struggling to express love,to make partners,to marry the love of our life or to have family. Why for some love is still a sin and as they say for which they will be punished by God.

Changes are happening , people are atleast ready to listen but I don’t know how much or how long will it take for us to understand that this is our only life, the one life that we are given to make choices,to make love or not make love, choices to make partners or to stay single, choices to get married ,choices to have a family or to never have one and why for some there aren’t any choices because of a certain way they behave or they feel or they are born.

Aren’t we a free country now, don’t we celebrate independence day then why some people are still hiding in their closets , why some of us has their feelings still caged inside their heart. And I won’t call this colonial act as a rule against a single community, I would rather call it an expression against love, acceptance and humanity. Why would someone do something so inhumane to another human, in my idea shackling someone’s soul with rules of society, is the biggest sin of all. Why some non- consensual painful marriages are still happily accepted and why some happily consented marriages remains socially unacceptable.

This parade has made me realise that somewhere we all are in closet and the best versions of ours are still closeted and we all have to help each other to bring that out.

And there are people who say, accepting all people will corrupt the morals of our society as if the society isnt corrupt already. and I think how rubbish is the statement itself. If some person is homosexual, hetrosexual, trans, Bisexual, Asexual, intersex, Pansexual or anything by matter of fact it’s their personal deep thing not a social stigma that we have made it. And No, somebody’s sexual preferences or expression is never going to corrupt the society unless they force it on others and we all better know that who is doing what, rather accepting it will bring an ease and some peace to this hypocrite society. And one thing that I can guarantee is those who are holding rainbow aren’t forcing themselves on anyone if anything they are seeking, seeking what is legally theirs as humans .

And there’s another thing that shook me the other day was when one of my hetero folk was too quick to say that“why Queer community wants to legalize same sex marriage, when we( proud hetero) don’t even want to get married” and blatantly laughed at his unfunny joke.well not so funny my dear friend what you said was insensitive and rude. Being single is your choice but even if you would want to get married someday in future you can still do that,but for the people you just mocked there latter isn’t a choice. There being together with someone will never be socially or legally accepted and why this is important because for some people being accepted as someone’s next to kin,legal acknowledgement of calling someone better half, having a family with them is like having a home that they have always dreamt of and as I heard from a very intellectual human,Marriage gives you a bouquet of rights, rights acknowledged by society and judiciary.

And Dear Friend when nobody cares about your relationship status why are you so indulged and making comments on other people’s choice, that you might haven’t met yet. Why don’t you go home alone,read any of your old book,drink a beer and sleep with peace.

Cause let me tell you all one thing, life isn’t same and fair for all, so when you meet someone try to make them happy or keep your filthy mouth shut, there’s already a lot of filth in this world that needs cleaning.

Stay happy, Stay blessed. Peace out.


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