Live and Let live

So the other day a friend of mine wanted to have a discussion whether gay people are real or they just fake it to seek attention. As an active supporter of the LGBTQ rights I wasn’t comfortable in having such insensitive discussion. Initially as we were talking I thought maybe she wanted to learn more about the people but as the discussion was proceeding it was clear that it was more of an attempt to convince me that being L/G/B/T/Q is more related to ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). The discussion started with Angelina Jolie’s sexuality, then it went on to Miley Cyrus and then she said and as I quote “We are hyping it too much and maybe that’s why people are confused about their sexuality, I have read an article about gays and it was clearly stated that there are no genetic reasons for it. So,maybe when these people start to like someone from the same gender they get confused and think, they are sexually attracted to them and sometimes some of them just do it to gain some attention.”

I had a lot to say to her but again my inability to argue took over me,I had words in my head but as usual I was tongue tied. Honestly I don’t know much either but for me it’s just impossible to question somebody’s existence.

One thing that I m sure about is people are not getting confused because we are hyping it, people are coming out because we are trying to normalise it. It’s not some new age agenda instead (if I m not wrong) first pride month took place in 1970 maybe you belong to mediveal times and it’s not just gays who represent the LGBTQ community there are people who are lesbians,Bisexuals, transgenders,queers,Intersex, Asexuals that are it’s part too. Sexuality is not just Black and White it’s a rainbow of colors.

And yess!! we are discussing this a lot these days and we are discussing it because it’s been only 4-5 years since it is legal in India and if you think people are hyping it then Yess!! We are hyping it because it needs to be hyped.

And it’s true that, we all are learning and knowing more about the gender spectrum but wouldn’t it be nice to become more sensitive while discussing this topic. After all we are talking about human beings.

And No!!! Nobody is faking it to gain attention, because we live in such a diabolical society of bigots where coming out of Closet is not just difficult but leads to abandonment and embarassment so if somebody is coming out its not because of their ADHD or confusion about sexuality its beacuse of their courage, its beacuse they are accepting themselves for who they are and are being responsible to society. No body likes to go through painful and let me make you clear sometimes life threatening sex reassignment surgeries, gender dysphoria or corrective rapes to impress you.So rather than being cynical try being kind and help them in the process.

And atlast my dear friend I will say something to you in your language,even if somebody is confused what does it have to do with you?? I mean even If a girl is in love with a girl or a boy in love with a boy how does it effects you in anyway and even if this is not convincing then my friend just ask yourself a question “What is wrong in loving someone??”

All I want to say to you is don’t judge just, Live and let live.


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