I don’t know why it was hurting me,it wasn’t against my gender,it wasn’t against my community,it wasn’t against my religion,so it was safe assume that it was not against me in anyways….but I can feel something menancing happening where I live,I can feel that gloominess that hatred in air,because these days I am hearing such things every now and then.

Last night something strange happened while I was sleeping, this one thing got struck in my mind and then one thing led to another as if it’s a chain reaction, the more I was processing it the more it became agonizing and the pain started piercing through my heart,although creating worst case scenarios in my head and being anxious about them is not something I am new at, but this was different, different from anything I was ever concerned about.Assuredly because I consciously chose to remain ignorant about it but deep down I knew that there’s something gravely wrong about it.

I wish,I was brave enough to just wave off or condemn it publicly or at least brave enough to face my own fears. I wish I could directly ask If it’s affecting everyone the same way as it affected me or is it just an outcome of my overthinking and severely messed up brain???? I wish I could share what was bothering me.

I don’t know if it’s something worth worrying or not and if not,then why I am not able to shrug it off ???? It’s because there are people in my life whom I never want to see hurt no matter whether I hold them dearly or not,whether we are close enough or not,I never want them to be tied up with some wicked deeds of others. I always wish them to be safe and sound with their friends and family,simply because they exist.

Sometimes I wonder that it’s 21st century and we are still struggling for some most basic human things. I don’t understand how tough is it to accept one single thing that,we can’t hurt someone, because no one deserves to be violated.

No matter what gender we are, which community we belong and what religion we follow,we all deserve peace,we all deserve the assurance of safety,we all deserve love and above everything we all deserve humanity.

I am writing this here because, As I had told earlier I don’t have those guts to confront someone directly and meet the consequences.Here nobody knows me,nobody cares what I write, nobody manipulates what I feel.This is where I can be,“Me”.

A place where I am totally…… “ANONYMOUS”.


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